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Join us in our fight to get Conservatives Elected in Arizona!

Why Support the Freedom Club PAC?


Largest Conservative PAC in Arizona!


Elect Candidates Up & Down the Ticket!


Proven Track Record of WINNING!

Largest Conservative PAC in Arizona!

The Freedom Club PAC is the only conservative MEGA PAC in Arizona, meaning we can provide more financial support to pro freedom candidates than any other group. This is because we have HUNDREDS of conservative patriots from around Arizona that actively support the Freedom Club PAC.

Every candidate we endorse supports our conservative values of pro-freedom, pro-family and pro-limited government.

Electing Conservatives Up & Down the Ticket.

The Freedom Club PAC is focused on every level of government, supporting conservative candidates in statewide, legislative, and local races. The left’s woke agenda has infiltrated every institution and we are determined to stop it in its tracks!

In the last election Freedom Club PAC supported over 50 candidates and provided more financial support than any other PAC in Arizona. We will continue to provide the funding needed to hold our majority and fight to increase our numbers.

We have a Proven Track Record of WINNING!

Our results speak for themselves:



Over 80% of Freedom Club Backed Candidates WON their races in 2022



19 of our School Board Candidates WON in 2022, meaning more conservatives fighting for our children and helping to stop the woke agenda in our classrooms.



Successfully supported and elected a write-in candidate for the State House, giving republicans their one seat majority that has stopped Katie Hobbs from implementing her radical agenda.

We ask you to join us in this fight!

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Thank you for your support! Our future generations will thank us for being willing to stand up for them!

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